ARTHØLE, October-December 2021

ARTHØLE  is a miniature living room gallery in Port Washington, New York run by Eliesha Grant. I created a site specific video for the space called Antidote on Webster Ave., which is a digital remedy performed in Photoshop with talismanic objects selected by Eliesha and her pandemic support system, including family and neighbors living in the same compound. During a time when the need for healing and care has been so profound, this misuse of digital space for relaxation and pleasure is meant to mimic the role that community plays as an antidote and a form of resistance in the face of adversity.


TEMPORARY FILES, February-August 2021

Temp. Files is a video publishing cooperative, online publication, streaming site, and remote residency. We are a group of seven female-identifying artists who have committed to supporting each other in the process of creating new, experimental streaming video work. In a moment where we can no longer rely solely on established IRL spaces to see, discuss, make, and disseminate art, we must create our own platforms and opportunities for each other where they don’t exist. My new video, SELF-MODULATION FOR A NEW AGE was live on the website for the month of March. Other artists include: Rah Eleh (Feb), Rachel Stevens (April), Emily Brandt (May), Michelle Levy (June), Tusia Dabrowska (July), and Sunita Prasad (Aug). Read my interview conducted by Tusia Dabrowska here and the interview I conducted with Rachel Stevens here.

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