EXQUISITE MOVING CORPSE at Microscope Gallery, August 14, 2022 

I am so delighted to have been invited to participate in this exquistie corpse video  project by Chip Lord, Jack Massing and Sean Miller. Over the course of the pandemic starting in March of 2020, they invited 60 artists to make a one minute video in response to the last frame of the previous minute. Artists include: 1. Chip Lord 2. Jack Massing 3. Sean Miller 4. Chiaozza 5. Phillip Pyle II 6. Kara Hearn 7. Sergio Vega 8. Ken Friedman 9. Bill Wegman 10. Bryan Konefsky 11. Albert Chong 12. Robert Hodge 13. Chris Sollars 14. Mary Mattingly 15. Natali Leduc 16. Gustavo Vazquez 17. Tea Mäkipää 18. Mel Chin 19. Sarah Aziz 20. Hasan Elahi 21. Hillerbrand+Magsamen 22. Leyla & Mike Mandel 23. Kristin Lucas 24. Ali and Aoife 25. Shane Mecklenburger 26. Oliver Herring 27. Bibbe Hansen 28. Fereshteh Toosi 29. Craig Smith 30A. Tom Marioni 30B. Severn Eaton 31. Pinar Yoldas 32. Adebukola Bodunrin 33. James Benning 34. Chris Beaver 35. Connie Hwang 36. Chris Felver 37. Theadora Walsh 38. Cyriaco Lopes and Terri Witek 39. Jason Simon 40. Isabelle Carbonell 41. Aisling O’Beirn 42. Mark Seliger 43. Elia Vargas 44. Leah Floyd + Cristina Molina 45. José Hernández Sánchez 46. John Sanborn 47. Dana Sherwood 48. Pecos Hank 49. Emiko Omori 50. Mark Dion 51. Jack Thompson 52. Bart Weiss 53. Rachel Mayeri 54. Nina Katchadourian 55. Larry Andrews 56. Emmanuel Manu Opoku 57. Tony Oursler 58. Tony Labat 59. Alyssa Taylor Wendt 60. Muntadas. Screenings have taken place at Pallas Projects in Dublin, at Match/Diverseworks in Houston, at Archivo Emily Harvey in Venice, and now in New York City at one of my favorite galleries, Microscope Gallery, 525 29th St - Second Floor, Sunday, August 14th!


TILTING AT WINDMILLS at Gallery DoDo, Feb. 12-March 23, 2022

I showed a video called Dance of Defiance Three Ways (after Billy Elliott) in this two person show with the brilliant Micheál O'Connell a.k.a. Mocksim at Gallery DODO, a project space situated within Phoenix Arts in Brighton, UK. Micheál and I both made new work in conversation with each other via email over the course of two months.