My work, at its core, is about coping and/or sitting with the discomfort and vulnerability of being alive.

It is a dramatic stage that allows me to put my imperfect, absurd, emotional self on the line, with the aim of communicating something familiar and strange through an act of authenticity or awkwardness, humor or pain.

Art making is a way to burrow beneath the overwrought surface of things and to engage fully with feelings of fear, loss, insecurity, and anger. 

It is space inside a crowded life– for contemplation and attentiveness.

Through making I seek to engage with and understand the layers of symbolic experience humans have created in order to connect with feelings of meaningfulness, mastery, and self-worth. By this I mean stories, rituals, religion, etiquette, art, and every form of media and mediated experience.

I favor video, drawing, and social engagement for their immediacy and unassuming simplicity.

I aim to make work that is free from excessiveness and distraction but simmering with quiet emotion and humor.