(pre-pandemic 2020) This is a 5-channel video work that I conceived of and directed but which was made in collaboration with Simone Johnson, Swati Piparsania, Pei Ling Ho, and Lisa Crafts who each brought their own inclinations and needs to the project. Each performer, myself included, conceived of their own version of a tabletop ritual using personal mundane objects with the goal of creating an antidote, a bit of comfort, a bit of ground, a bit of collective agency in the face of massive global issues. With the world in shambles (toward the end of Trump's presidency) and many of us in a state of deep agitation navigating a deluge of information delivered increasingly through screens, it felt essential to our collective sanity and survival to create a space (especially an absurd one) that allowed us to reorganize and rewire our bodies and brains for resilience, persistence and connectedness.