April 14-May 19, 2012 at EFA Project Space
In an attempt to understand and exorcise a life-long fixation, the artist mounted a barebones, experimentally cast production that used an orphan-themed Broadway musical, she was advised not to name (hereafter referred to as "[unnamed Broadway musical]"), as its point of departure. Denied the right to perform any of the original material in the gallery, the group, under the direction of Sarah Cameron Sunde, had the absurd task, that is, the creative challenge of generating a production that somehow fulfilled the performers' sincere desire to be in [unnamed Broadway musical] without them actually being in [unnamed Broadway musical].

The casting was based more on the desire and need of the performers to participate than on singing, dancing ability, or appearance. They represent a population who, like the artist, fantasized as children about being in [unnamed Broadway musical], but for whom it wasn't a possibility because of gender, race, talent, or other circumstantial barriers.

This impractical project took place over 5 weeks at the EFA Project Space in Manhattan. The project existed as an ongoing live performance (rehearsals were open to the public), as an hour long one night only final performance, and it has been finalized in a multi-channel video called EXORCISING ANNIE, that serves as an emotional document of the process, beginning to end, from the perspective of the artist. Click here to watch.

Cast Members: Angela Williams, Megan Tefft, Michael Pool, Katherine Lim, Doug Levy, Brian Dunlop, Rene Barkett, and Sydney A. Batten
Artist/Organizer: Kara Hearn
Director: Sarah Cameron Sunde
Composer/Music Director: Christopher Berg
Choreographer: Pia Monique Murray
Assistant Director: Trent Anderson
Curatorial Consultant: Michelle Levy
Hosting Organization: EFA Project Space